Tuesday, December 18, 2007

toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore

....so by now you've figured out that the big move went off as scheduled. do I miss NY at all? not so much. one more crazy neighbor story and then I hope that's it for all time. on the day we were loading the truck there was a piece of oak tag nailed to a tree at the front of the complex that read: "good bye white trash Jack and Sue" :-0 now if that's not the pot calling the kettle trash I don't know what is!

we're really loving the new house and neighborhood, stress level is nil

a few things I've noticed that remind me I'm not in NY anymore:

-people actually stop at stop signs and expect you to use your signal when turning

-handicapped parking spots aren't painted blue, just have signs that I don't notice until i've pulled in (they could use a few more street signs imo as well)

-they have coffee milk at school instead of chocolate milk

-the pizza sucks, not gonna even try a bagel

-there's a guy at the grocery store checkout that is there for the sole purpose of bagging my stuff!

-I get called 'sweethaht' a lot....seriously why don't they pronounce their R's?

-patriots, red sox and celtics, not giants, yankees and knicks

-the plumber sent a thank-you note

-the car pulled up next to me at the red light isn't shattering my windows with his bass

-people at the dmv were losing their minds because they had to wait 1/2 hr (I was jumping for joy at such a short wait)

-there is not a blessed thing open at 1 am, not even a bar!