Monday, September 24, 2007

Attention Blog Stalkers!

Just popping in for a minute to post a quick update!

We are scheduled to close on the RI house on Thurs the 27th! I hope to get it re-carpeted over the weekend so we can move in end of next week and have the kiddos in school the Tues after Columbus day....sounds good in theory doesn't it? hope it all goes according to plan

Looks like we'll be back and forth a lot over the next couple of weeks, in addition to what I already mentioned, we have to come back to NY to close on this house probably around the 15th of October

And no sooner do I get my clothes in the closet, I'll be off again to Chicago!

Thought I was gonna start feeling sentimental about leaving about now, but it still hasn't hit me. And I doubly thought I would feel a bit misty about leaving the kids current school, but as it happens Liam and Grace both have sadists for teachers this year and good riddance. Liam's teacher is making him cut out 300 letters from a xerox every night....the only thing I haven't packed yet is my paper trimmer~!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

busy busy busy

packing packing packing!

the pile of boxes is swallowing us up and I feel i still have so much more to do!

no time to blog, must pack more!