Tuesday, May 15, 2007

what a tangle web!

So you know we're on the market, you know there are 2 other units for sale (or I should say 1 now as 1 is in contract) Did I mention the war between the realtors? The realtor for my competitor, the one that sold, kept bringing people from their open house over to my house....kinda icky IMO. So hopefully won't have to deal with them any more since they sold.

Part II of the story is....our realtor suggested we put a 'for sale' sign up at the road in front of the complex...no one has done it before, you can't post it in front of you unit according to house rules...we asked the board for permission and the management Co...got it in writing that we could so we did....then on sunday I played cat and mouse with the dang sign all day...someone kept pulling it out and throwing it in the bushes...I just kept putting it back up....today--GONE! what is wrong with these people!