Tuesday, June 26, 2007

getting my life off 'hold'

We've done not much more than think, eat, sleep house house house for the past 3 months....everything else has been on hold. I hadn't thought about what to do with the kids as far as summer rec, didn't sign them up for religious ed in the fall, didn't follow thru with the orthodontist for Colin.

Got most of that stuff taken care of yesterday. They're signed up for rec at school, relig ed will probably have to be home schooled because all the classes are filled now and the orthodontist doesn't take our insurance anymore so I'll have to find another and start over.

Still have to get my stuff out of storage, we put the bikes and a bunch of misc things into storage to de-clutter a bit, yeah that worked out well. Put the family pictures out again. Feels like home again instead of a staged house.

I've told the realtor after another abysmal weekend of open houses (one person showed up on sat and none on sunday) that I'm not showing it anymore over the summer. It's just too much to straighten up and get all the kids and the dog out of the house for a good part of the day....and now that summer is here, it's going to be impossible(and this fell on me because Jack is working weekends). I'm coming to terms with staying put. My mom and dad are relieved, I think.

Other recent happenings:

Colin graduated from Elementary school and had his 'Moving Up' ceremony...we got him an IPOD, glad he knows how to use it because I sure don't.....even funnier, my dad asked "what's that? you listen to music with that? how do you use it, like this (as he hold it up to his ear like a phone) Now I just have to put up with the constant off-key singing.

Got myself some new contacts for my birthday...haven't been able to wear them since I was pregnant with Colin 11 yrs ago, still trying them out

Liam will be 9, NINE in 2 weeks, where did the time go? my baby! He wants some kind of remote control giant mosquito or something, I'm thinking DANGER

Now to just make it thru the summer....I really think I dislike summer most of all the seasons. Everyone always gets so excited for it to be summer and I just dread it....I don't like to be hot or wet or anything to do with water like swim or boats....I'm afraid a stray ray of sunshine will set the lupus monster loose. No can't say summer is my favorite. Talk to me again in September!


shannon said...

i hear you on how everything gets put on hold. sorry things didn't work out as you hoped... maybe they still way. life is funny like that.
now play our trivia for your next post! ;o)

Carrie said...

Sorry the house sellig isn't going as planned for you.

Good luck keeping the kiddos busy for the summer.

Brandy said...

i can't do contacts either. i just go blind. moving sucks anyways!

Heather said...

sorry it didn't work out... everything happens for a reason though, right??

Anonymous said...

Update us with the moving news!!