Wednesday, February 14, 2007

We're getting geared up to get this house on the market and get the hell out of Dodge! Actually got a call from a guy about interest our unit last week for his girlfriend that's getting a divorce and wants to stay in the area....that would be too easy

-fugly old lighting fixtures replaced
-We (as in all five of us) painted the hall last weekend, that was fun.
-Washed all the fingerprints off the white woodwork.

-Holly Hobby half bath has been spackled and primed for painting.
-Had our 'guy' come in and measure for new tile floor.....
-He's also gonna do new kitchen cabinets too

....then I think we're finished and ready to sell!

I've been averaging about 2 Hefty bags of trash a day! still need to get into the attic, God knows whats up there :-O When I'm done throwing stuff out, there'll be so much room that we might not need to move at all!!


Kache said...

Two trash bags a day, that's some major duty purging going on. Sounds like some nice improvements going in, hope the offers start piling in!

Anonymous said...

YAY! You sound so excited! I hope it sells quickly!


Anonymous said...

Hope it sells quickly. Sounds like you're making progress on getting it ready for the market.